Who We Are
The PWN Group is the greatest publishing group in Poland acting in the field of publishing and book distribution. PWN continuously promotes the achievements of Polish and world science,
setting standards in the promotion and raising the level of knowledge.

Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers PWN), a holding company of PWN Group,
is the most famous and the largest publisher of scientific, educational and professional publications in Poland.

We promote the achievements of Polish and the world science, publishing about 300 titles a year,
including academic textbooks, scientific literature, popular science publications as well as books for professionals.

The PWN brand has long been synonymous with prestige, quality, normativity and knowledge at the highest level.
We cooperate with the best specialists in almost all areas of science, and our editors ensure the high level of development
of the publications.

PZWL Medical Publishing (Wydawnictwo Lekarskie PZWL) is the oldest and largest medical publisher in Poland.

We collaborate with leading research institutions, universities and medical academies and the largest publishers of medical
literature in the world, such as Elsevier, Oxford University Press, Blackwell Publishing, McGraw-Hill, Masson,
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Georg Thieme Verlag, Springer-Verlag and Schattauer.

PZWL boasts great publishing achievements. Until now, there were more than 13.5 thousand titles in total edition
of more than 320 million copies. Currently PZWL Medical Publishing publishes over 130 titles a year.

PWN Group - Top 3 most prestigious and reliable Polish brands

No. 1 in STM Publishing

No. 1 in Medical Publishing

No. 1 in K-12 languages (except for English)

PWN on the book market

25% market share in academic publishing
Over 10 thousand academic
and scientific authors
at PWN

PWN Group e-commerce

Over 2 million online customers
PWN Group online bookstores
in the TOP 10 Polish internet shops
(internet shops ranking 2013 by Money.pl)

PWN Group wholesale and retail distribution

11% market share in book distribution
in Poland
Wholesale, logistics & distribution, POD, distribution of digital content, chain of
bricks & mortar college bookshops

We specialize in

Books • E-books • E-learning • Reference databases • Translations and translating systems
Online language services • Digitalization and e-publications conversion
Distribution and sales of traditional and electronic books

Our Offer

Comprehensive editorial services

Professional content and language editing, proofreading, translation into foreign languages, ISBN.

Production services

Technical correction, book design, typesetting, printing (digital, offset printing, black-and-white, colour,
print-on-demand service), electronic formats (pdf, ePub, mobi).

Distribution, promotion and sale services

Excellent marketing care and extensive distribution network allows to reach a worldwide audience

(AZYMUT Sp. z o.o. Polish Publishing Houses' Distribution System – the PWN Group’s company
dealing with wholesale of books, providing distribution and logistics services
on the Polish and international publishing and bookselling market,
INGRAM Conect Group - the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content,
IBUK.pl – the largest Polish academic and professional online library,
PWN Group online bookshops – ksiegarnia.pwn.pl, pzwl.pl, weltbild.pl, lideria.pl and many others).

Advice on publishing contracts

Agreements transferring rights to PWN, non-exclusive licenses or publishing contracts without the transfer of rights.
Using a rich database of foreign partners, we offer a wide range of possibilities concerning publishing work
in foreign languages.
We act as an intermediary in the sale or licensing of rights to foreign publishers, taking care of all matters related thereto:
preparation and presentation of bids, negotiation and preparation of contracts, settlements.

Our Customers


(academic staff, academic publishers,
academic research centres)

Educational institutions

(research and development centres,
scientific societies, associations, foundations)

People of science

(Polish and foreign scientists, people working in scientific and R&D institutions)

Professional associations

(in particular highly
specialized associations)

The public sector

(public administration
and local government units)

Corporate and business customers

(such as conference and training organizers, public relations agencies,
advertising and publishing agencies,
medical and pharmaceutical companies)

Our Projects

Scientific publications in various fields
(doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations, monographs, studies of research results, presentations of research programs)

Educational books


Conference materials

Information and promotional materials
(custom publishing)

Special publications

Limited-edition publications

Electronic publications supporting traditional editions
(e-books, multimedia tools, websites, mobile applications)

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Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN SA

Outsourced Projects Department
Gottlieba Daimlera 2,
02-460 Warsaw, Poland

e-mail: publikujznami@pwn.com.pl

+48 22 695 44 97